Microcurrent Warehouse
Conductive Gel
Used with TENS, ECG, EEG, MENS and electrosurgery applications.
Fenix Rehab System
Fenix Rehab System with Guidebook and CD Rom.  Provides flexibility to set treatment digits at various depths and angles to reach Trigger Points.
Non Prescription TENS
Pain AEllay OTC TENS/EMS - 2 Channel, Digital Combo TENS/NMES, 13 Preset Programs, Timer. No Rx Required

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Microcurrent Warehouse and Medi-Spa Supplies

Microcurrent Warehouse is a leading supplier of premium microcurrent, medical, electrotherapy stimulators, equipment and products to the medical, chiropractic, medi-spa, physical therapy, and sports industries as well as for personal use.

Our Pain Relieving and Pain Management Products Are The Choice Of Health Professionals Including: Chiropractors,  Physical Therapists,  Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists,  Acupunturists, Podiatrists,  Athletic Trainers and  Sports Medicine Practitioners

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ETPS 1000
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TENS/MENS Point Stimulator. Hand-held acupuncture/trigger point stimulator. The ETPS 1000 has been renamed the Dolphin Neurostim.

Conductive Vest
Allows patients to position electrodes by themselves in hard-to-reach areas such as the upper- and mid-back regions
Micro 400
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Micro 400 MENS/TENS Unit
Dual channel (4-lead) analog microcurrent

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We are based in Florida USA, with products being distributed to clients from locations in Chicago, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Wabasha.

Micro Plus Stimulator
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Micro Plus MENS/TENS Unit
Dual channel (4-lead) analog microcurrent
CES Cranial Electrostimulation
Conductive Stocking
Silver-Thera Garments are two electrodes sewn together into one piece for easier application. They combine a sleeve garment electrode with a glove or sock electrode and stitch a non-conductive material in between to separate the two electrodes.
Stay-Put Electrodes

Our Stay-Put electrodes are pre-gelled self-adhesive reusable electrodes with a strong Velcro hook backing to stay securely in place under conductive support wraps or electrode bandage.